CrudIt: an opensource framework that makes developers autonomous

Discover the low-code framework that accelerate app development


Nowadays application implementation requires a lot of different competencies that make it impossible for a single person to build an entire application. This led to the need for a big multi-competencies team and increasing in communication issues during the project. But what if we could implement an application without the need of implementing a backend? CrudIt does exactly that. CrudiIt is an open-source framework that enables a small team or a single front-end developer to create small SaaS applications without any knowledge of backend, cloud and sysadmin needs.
During the event, we will see how to implement a simple SaaS service using Crudit and how to use the framework to accelerate application development.
Moreover, we will discuss how to host a CrudIt application without any sysadmin competencies in the cloud, using free services.
This talk will unveil how, thanks to this powerful low-code framework, it is possible to save data without writing a line of code, even if you are working in complex, multitenant scenarios.
The talk will explain also how the framework is born, how it works internally and promote the opensource philosophy that brings to this library.