Camunda BPM in Banking

Camunda BPM as Open Source tool, for the digitalization of the loan allocation process in banking.

Language: German (translated)

Raiffeisen Informations Systeme (RIS) started the redesign of its main banking software in 2015. The new software is developed in Java and one of the major goals of the new banking platform is to support complex banking processes.
Actually, such a process is the loan allocation process and Raiffeisen decided to model it using BPMN and implement it using a BPM Platform. An internal evaluation led to use Camunda BPM, as it integrates perfectly in the (Java based) architecture of the new banking software.
After modeling the loan allocation process using Camunda’s BPMN Modeler, Raiffeisen used the Camunda Process Engine Java API as well as direct database queries to create their own interfaces to the Process Engine.
After successfully introducing the new loan allocation process, Raiffeisen plans to implement other banking processes with BPM, like the order and installation of P.O.S as well as branch comprehensive processes.