Building protocols for the new digital world

What you need to know about protocols and how to build your own open-source protocols


Our world is on a fast track to incredible changes, especially in technology.
As developers, we used to help build machines. Then we started building websites for businesses to represent them to a larger audience. Then we started building apps for every other product, sometimes more than one.

In our new digital world, the next generation of developers won’t be building apps. We will be building protocols – middleware that enables decentralized applications (dApps) – and interfaces for the protocols. The world wide web is branching into decentralized networks and these networks will host countless protocols to play around with.

This talk will cover how protocols work in decentralized networks, highlight a few important use-cases, and explain how to build your own open-source protocols on one of the most prominent DLTs of our times: IOTA.



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