Blender Project

Language: English

The Blender project is unique in the traditionally secretive and cloud-based creative industriy. The growing diffusion of the Blender software and the open-content practices are possible thanks to a few high-profile initiatives, which will be touched during the talk:

– Foundation: Push development of the open source and free creation suite, supported by the Blender community.

  • Development Fund
  • Network
  • Conference

– Institute: Make training and open content, make the Blender Cloud, supported by the Blender community.

  • Cloud
  • Industry-level Blender support (Google, AMD, Pixar, Nvidia)
  • Open Movies (From Elephants Dream to the recently awarded Cosmos Laundromat)

– Studio: Make a feature film, using only Free and Open Source software, innovative production approach, by being open about the movie making process (like the Blender Cloud). All software andtools made for film production are open and free

– Agent 327 feature film