Beacon Südtirol – Alto Adige


The Autonomous Province of Bolzano has started a Project, supported by funds of the European Community and with the partnership of IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, with the goal to build a public infrastructure of beacons distributed across the province and a pilot installation of LoRaWan sensors in the municipality of Bolzano.
Beacons are low-energy transmitters that communicate a small amount of information, usually the exact geographical location, via Bluetooth. These data can be used by third-party devices to manage services and information related to this geographical position.
With the distributed installation of these devices and the use of open and well documented standards, the Province of Bolzano wants to offer a free infrastructure that can be used by the local companies or even the local public administrations to design, build and deploy innovative and competitive services for the south-tyrolean citizens. Services can be realized for example for the tourism, civil protection, agriculture, industry, for in-door or out-door use. A community of experts will be built, in order to support and develop this technology and to promote digital innovation in South-Tyrol.

The main goals of the Project are:

  • Setup of the Beacon and Wireless Sensor Network infrastructure which allows an easy collection of data
  • Data released as Open Data to be used by companies in order to create innovative applications
  • Publishing of documented Open Standard APIs in order to simplify the access to the data
  • Creation of a community of experts and companies.

The talk at the SFSCON will:

  • present the scope and the roadmap of the project,
  • describe the goals achieved up to now,
  • explain the innovation opportunities for companies and public administrations and
  • promote the participation to the community of experts and companies.