AlpineBits DestinationData + Open Data Hub = Open Tourism Data in a New Flavor


The AlpineBits DestinationData is an open standard designed to support the exchange of tourism-related data. Tailored to include the needs of alpine tourism, DestinationData includes standardized JSON messages and a REST API design, providing implementation solutions for basic demands of server-client communication. The consistency of its design is ensured by the adoption of multiple well-established standards, mature technologies, and its underlying ontology which is responsible for making sure that the data being exchanged is well-understood by all parties.

In his talk, Claudenir Fonseca, from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, will present the latest release of the AlpineBits DestinationData, version 2021-04, and its main features. The presentation will focus on the reference implementation of DestinationData, which is powered by Open Data Hub and provides real and open data in a new flavor. The presentation will focus on how to learn and how to consume Open Data Hub data through this reference implementation, as well as present the resources for those interested on implementing their own servers.