A practical Guide for Outbound Open Source – which scales and can be adapted easily for companies of different size

A guide covering contributions as well as launching own Open Source projects


This Presentation is about how to contribute to or to launch an Open Source project (also called “outbound open source”) as a company. It aims to describe a complete and lean process, that can be implemented in companies of any size (large but also small or medium sized organizations). Companies can tailor the proposed procedure to their needs. I.e., depending on the size and situation of the company not all steps need to be implemented.
It covers compliant contributions to existing projects as well as launching own Open Source Projects as a company.
Different contribution models are introduced and explained. Additionally, a recommendation is provided how spare time contributions from employees (aka moonlighting) can be made known and transparent to the company to protect the employee.
Topics and good practices to be considered when planning to launch an own Open Source project as a company are provided. Although the provided information does not guarantee the success of such an endeavor it is proven in use and very helpful for decision-making, launching and maintaining
The procedure and background information is available as a “guide” and on GitHub under https://github.com/todogroup/outbound-oss