Piero Campalani

Eurac Research

Senior Researcher

Piero Campalani graduated as Telecommunication Engineer at the University of Ferrara (IT) in 2009. For 2 years he worked as a PhD guest at MEEO Srl – an Earth Observation (EO) company in Ferrara – where he developed geostatistical models for the local air quality assessment with satellite images.

He completed his PhD and continued his research at the Jacobs University in Bremen (DE), where he worked as developer of open source database technologies and web standards for multi-dimensional datacubes across a variety of EO communities.

Before joining Eurac Research, he worked as a GIS software architect in a mechatronic startup in Barcelona (ES) for a humanitarian demining project based on radio-controlled semi-autonomous ground vehicles.

Now at the EO Institute in Eurac, he is devoted to supporting the research of societal risk due to climate disasters, providing tools for an easier adaptation to the ongoing climate change.

Piero Campalani

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