Markus Pobitzer

None (Student @ ETH)


From a young age, I was fascinated by computers and their applications. Using Excel in middle school, playing with programmable robots, and discovering the possibilities of programming languages was exciting for me. Naturally, I decided to specialize in computer science as soon as possible and I could not be happier looking back at my path up until now, as a Master’s student at ETH Zurich.

Software engineering always felt so natural to me and when creating websites, I feel a bit like an artist, but what caught my attention lately is the possibilities of machine learning. Ever since discovering the achivements of architectures like the U-Net, NeRFs and now Diffusion models I can only look to a bright future of ever greater performing models.

I got a deeper understanding of Computer science at the Technological High School “Max Valier” where I did my Matura. Afterwards, I did my computer science bachelor’s degree at ETH, and right now I am at the end of my Master’s degree at ETH. My main area of interest is Computer Vision and Machine Perception. Lately, I have been working with diffusion models to generate images.

Markus Pobitzer

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