SFS Award 2015

Markus Windegger wins the SFS Award 2015

Winner Markus Windegger

The SFSaward 2015 winner is an example of an innovator in the South Tyrolean Society!

Furthermore, he is a testimonial of how the Free Software community has continuously worked to share knowledge with young people and to help foster their growth as future innovators.

In an interview he has given a few years ago, he told us about how he  became inspired by the power of Free Software. This has happened, thanks to his teachers who taught Information Technologies at the Gewerbeoberschule “Max Valier” in Bolzano. With the school he had the opportunity to attend the SFSCON as a young student, the very same conference we are all participating in at the moment.

I see many young students attending this years SFSCON again, and this makes me very happy! You are the innovators of tomorrow, you are the SFSaward candidates of tomorrow!

Our award winner for 2015, began his studies at University and started as an intern at a South Tyrolean company. As an intern, he quickly started introducing new open technologies and helped publish the data of the company as Open Data. He then implemented API’s as Open Standards in  order to give access to this very same data to app developers, extended a Free Software app for smart phones and created a community of app developers around the company’s data.

Participating in events like Hackathons, he also won a visit to Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

This young innovator who started as an intern, has now become the IT manager of the whole company!
But this didn’t stop him in participating as an active member in the Free Software community, in sharing events and in introducing new innovative and Open Technologies in the company and in the Free Software community of South Tyrol.

He is a key player in the creation of a network of organisations and companies, which develop innovative solutions for a SMART Mobility in South Tyrol!

It is a great pleasure to announce, in conjunction with the board of directors of the Linux User Group Bolzano-Bozen-Bulsan and with the support of the previous SFSaward winners, that this years SFSaward goes to….

Markus Windegger