SFS Award 2014

Price awarded by Linux User Group Bozen-Bolzano-Bulsan

Winner Erwin Pfeifer

Erwin Pfeifer gets the SFS Award 2014.

A revolution on the computer systems of the public administration in South Tyrol is the main merit by Erwin Pfeifer. With determination he has engaged for the introduction of LibreOffice. His commitment for Free Software in the public administration has brought the Linux User Group Bolzano-Bozen-Bulsan to give him the SFS Award 2014. The price has been hand over during the South Tyrol Free Software Conference (SFSCON) at the TIS innovation park on November 14th.

“Erwin Pfeifer succeeded in the creation of a network between public administration, trade unions, schools and the local Free Software Community” explains Patrick Ohnewein the choice of this years award winner. Ohnewein is the manager of the center for Free Software & Open Technologies at TIS innovation park and organizer of the South Tyrol Free Software Conference.

Erwin Pfeifer, who lives in Bolzano, is „Senior Support Engineer“ at the Public Administration of South Tyrol since 15 years. He has extended his dedication for Open Technologien to the observatory Max Valier, to which he contributes as an astronomer for hobby.