Nextcloud – how to keep up with the fast moving IT world

Artificial Intelligence within Nextcloud


At Nextcloud we believe that in order to achieve digital sovereignty we always need to stretch the boundaries. If new technologies and new ways of working come up, we work hard to enable our users to enjoy the same functionality without giving up control over their data and computing.

Over the last few months we saw a lot of innovation in the area of artificial intelligence which might change our way of working to a large extend. At Nextcloud we are happy that we can already provide the first features in this areas to our users. Unfortunately not all features work completely on-premise as of today. That’s why we introduced a “Ethical AI Rating” which provides transparency to the user and let them decide what to use today, while we are working hard to base more and more of this features on Free Software and on-premise solutions.

The talk will present Nextcloud’s AI-features, the Ethical AI Rating and how we try to approach innovations in a fast moving IT world, in order to bring similar functionality to the Free Software community.

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