Addressing the use case of long-tail applications

The concept of “Long tail” has been introduced by Chris Anderson in 2004. In the context of software, the long tail corresponds to applications that come with a prohibitive complexity or cost to implement and that are usually replaced in businesses either by manual processes or tools that do not provide a complete coverage of the expected functionalities.

To address this issue, XWiki comes a tool, “App Within Minutes”, that allow anyone to create applications that will be able to store and process many different types of data, even with minimal knowledge on code or development.

In this talk, we will present XWiki and the concepts behind it. We will then go over App Within Minutes through a demo to show how this tool can be used as a low-code solution for structuring knowledge within an organization.

In the last part of the presentation, we will go through the many usages that has App Within Minutes, looking at how it is used in real-world use cases.